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Released on November 3rd 2023. Limited edition LP on black vinyl (250x)


Alternative and explosive. Dynamic and organic. Atari is a new supergroup from Bergen, Norway, with members from Shaman Elephant, Datadyr & Finding Neo. Their stellar debut album “Sweet & Sour” is one of the most exciting records you will hear this year.
With hard-hitting hooks and danceable grooves, Atari lives up to the description as “ambitious, seductive and funky" (Bands of tomorrow)


Andrea Ådland - Vocals
Jonas Særsten - Keys
Simen Walle - Guitar
Øystein Høynes - Bass
Sigurd Steinkopf - Drums

Produced by Jonas Særsten, mixed by Eirik Marinius Sandvik & mastered by Matias Tellez



01. Preludium
02. Tryhard
03. Get By
04. Sweet & Sour
05. Tunnel Vision
06. System Overload
07. Fujifilm
08. Just in My Head
09. Turn the Page
10. Hide Park

Atari - Sweet & Sour

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