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Face the Brutality (first released in 2018) was the first proper Datarock studio album since the massive 2009 success "Red", and marked a new era in both the music, which became grittier and more outspoken than before - and in their signature tracksuits, which changed from red to black.

The influences, of which there are always plenty with Datarock, fluctuate between a Talking Heads call-and-response on “Sense of Reason,” to some Daft Punk inspired instrumental sections - but all unmistakenly Datarock.


These are the last copies of the original March 2018 LP version. Black vinyl in a single, glossy sleeve with Datarock sticker on front. Cover art by Dolk.




02. Ruffle Shuffle

03. Sense of Reason

04. Laugh in the Face of Darkness

05. Everything

06. Feathers & Wax

07. Beautiful Monster

08. Invitation to Love

09. Outta Here

10. Darkness at the Edge of the Pit

Datarock - Face the Brutality

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