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Released on April 14th 2023. Limited edition LP (250x)


For Alltid is an album that confirms what LL has established, while at the same time exploring, pushing and upgrading their musical eclectic heritage. The album is energetic, inventive and contains Miami bass-inspired ballads, motivational house, expressed through an atypical Norwegian atmosphere and ap-proach. It is both flawless and rugged, humorous and serious, with heartache and lust and an eagerness to create something

Lekende Lett has the ability to appeal to the underground scene, as well as more sophisticated circles. Their music has been used as the theme song in the series about the women’s soccer team Brann, in drama series on TV2 and NRK, in commercials for international fashion houses, while also being the natural soundtrack of sweaty dormitory vorspiels and even sweatier nightclubs. 

Lekende Lett’s debut single hit like a lightning in 2016.
Kom å lag litt liv was something as rare as a Baile Funk-scented party banger with social realist observations in pure Bergensk. The band, who worked without management or a record label, was suddenly frequently played on the radio, received good placements on New Music Friday and became ”the talk of the town” in music Norway. The duo, which consists of Kristian Stockhaus and Synne Sofi Bårdsdatter Bønes, remained anonymous at first. Dagens Næringsliv featured the case "Mystisk Bergensduo" (Mystical Bergen duo), while Tidal got the first interview with the headline Den tunge jakten på Lekende Lett (The hard hunt for Lekende Lett). In 2017, they debuted at Vill Vill Vest in Bergen, and were singled out as one of the best concerts at the festival (5/6 by Einar Engelstad). Since then, they have dropped singles, played concerts and festivals from Henningsvær to Kristiansand. In 2022 they took a step back and went into the studio and perfected their musical witchcraft.


01. E det lov

02. Trenger litt tid

03. Strekk

04. Pushe på

05. Enda en kjærlighetssang (med Kjetil Møster)

06. For alltid

07. Klubben

08. Lønningsdag

09. Shoop

10. Eg e den eg e (med Linni, Angelo Reira)

Lekende Lett - For Alltid

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