New version on transparent vinyl w/red and blue marble.

Repress on black vinyl as well. Both versions coming on April 23rd.

Transparent Silver vinyl still in stock.


Majestic offering from progressive time travelers Ring Van Möbius!
Analog puritists Ring Van Möbius are known for being true to the original progressive rock
philosophy, combining 60’s/70’s instruments with the old art of tape recording, adding their own touch of musical creative madness.


The Norwegian trio delivers their second album “The 3rd Majesty” in mesmerising manner - a Hammond-driven progressive pearl which could just as easily have been released in 1971 as in 2020. This epic record includes lengthy opuses - incorporating instruments such as tubular bells, theremin, a string quartet, timpani and a massive modular synthesizer to name a few, in addition to the raw power of the Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, drums and electric bass guitar - recorded in their Spectral Tape Studio and mastered at Lunds Lyd. The lyrical themes are of rather abstract nature, dealing with the great universal questions, as well as saddening relevant issues of today's society.
“This album stands as a tasteful, dynamic journey through the soundscapes of nostalgic joy!”


Available on CD, regular black vinyl LP, and limited LP versions on Gold Marble and Transparent Silver vinyl (limited to 400 each).


The first vinyl pressing will also include a poster



1.The Seven Movements Of The Third Majesty (22:06)
    a.) Universal
    b.) Spectrum
    c.) Reaction
    d.) Bilateral
    e.) Zenith
    f.) Strife of The Icons
    g.) Altitude Over Azimuth
2. Illuminati (05:33)
3. Distant Sphere (11:11)
4. The Möbius Ring (09:01)

Ring Van Möbius - The 3rd Majesty