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Available as CD and Limited edition LP on 180g black vinyl in poly-lined inner sleeve & gatefold cover, with 8-page lyric booklet (250 copies)


Conceived in 2020, Spirit Tomb is the brilliant solo project of the visionary Norwegian artist Leon Kristoffer. Spirit Tomb features a dark romantic blend of piano, cello, and vocals. Leon Kristoffer’s masterful song writing combines with his superb dramatic abilities to create an overwhelming sonic elixir that grips you with the feverish intensity of delirium tremens. Spirit Tomb guides you through the gilded, yet lonely halls of the bygone eras mingled with phantasmagorical dreamscapes. The vertiginous experience awakens memories that disturb, seduce, and haunt.


Spirit Tomb has already amazed international audiences with the EP The Lotus of Dahlia, the first installment in the “Aandegrav Trilogy,” which premiered in April. On August 4th, we will unveil Spirit Tomb’s second masterpiece, the formidable yet deeply personal Spiritus Lacrimarum: Dolorem in Lacrimas Efundere. On this an album, Leon Kristoffer reinterprets the works of Edgar Allan Poe with all the black magic of a necromancer. As always, his great finesse, regal charm, and devilish charisma cast an unbreakable spell. Meanwhile, Leon Kristoffer’s expertise as an engineer has ensured a pitch-perfect production.


Leon Kristoffer frequently collaborates with the stellar photographer Nicolai Karlsen. Both men have stamped Spirit Tomb’s imagery with their distinctive trademarks. The pair have already presented a breathtaking video for The Lotus of Dahlia. They will at some point in the future also create a full-length film for this album as well. Spiritus Lacrimarum: Dolorem in Lacrimas Efundere boasts a stunning cover and gatefold by Mitchell Nolte and photographs by Joacim Jørgensen.

Leon Kristoffer promises you an epic journey that summons forces that are stronger than both life and death. The sepulchral beauty of Spirit Tomb awaits you with the nuanced perfumes of vernal bouquets and an open mahogany lid.



01. Alone

02. A Dream

03. Annabel Lee

04. To one in Paradise

05. Spirits of the Dead

06. The Haunted Palace

07. A Dream Within a Dream

08. Deep in Earth

Spirit Tomb - Spiritus Lacrimarum: Dolorem in Lacrimas Efundere

PriceFrom kr160.00
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