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Norwegian electropop pioneer Aggie Frost released her first solo album where she's written, recorded and produced all the songs by herself on May 6th last year (2022). Finally, here is a physical release on Apollon Records.

On Perlemor (Mother of Pearl) we hear about women who have all the opportunities in the world, who lose themselves in too strict requirements to themself. Perfectionism and overanalysing at the same time as age catches up with one self, and disclaiming and escaping from reality grows stronger and stronger. Perlemor was debuted at the Arctic Arts Festival 2022, and was very well received.



01. Aurora Lily

02. Tentakler

03. Bølge

04. Gir dæ min morra

05. Stille

06. Nattebyen

07. Melodi

08. Film

09. Tidløs

10. Knokla

Aggie Frost - Perlemor

PriceFrom kr160.00
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