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The Violent Years is a band from Mandal, Norway, founded back in 2003 by Kenneth Bringsdal and Kjetil Sjølingstad. Via Antarctica is their third full lenght album following up on a small scale success of last years "I Blame You And You Blame Me".

This album is their most sinister and heavy so far. It zooms in on various topics that are relevant in todays society,  but also focuses on the modern mans feeling of loneliness and alienation. There is acid rain here, flooded streets, mental disorders, 50s romanticism and suburban crime etc etc. Despite all this its a fun and heavy stuff its a fun listen and the songs have many interesting musical details. This has always been a big part of their writing. Finding the weird cool sounds.


Limited LP on white vinyl (250 copies) - Preorder, to be released on April 5th



1. Via Antarctica
2. Shots Of Love
3. Who Decides
4. Failure
5. Praise The Rain
6. New World Order
7. Stone Among Stones
8. Rebels With A Cause
9. Here Comes The
10. The Plague

The Violent Years - Via Antarctica - Ltd white LP

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