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Debut album from Oslos legendary Deathcrush

Neither nostalgic or history-less, MEGAZONE soundtracks the present day mess we’ve made for us selves.


Limited edition LP on coloured vinyl - Preorder, to be released on March 8th



1. EGO
2. PushPushPush
3. Deathcrush-Khmer Rich
4. Dumb
5. Filthy Street
6. Bedsit
7. Trust Me
8. Daemon
9. State of the Union


The name MEGAZONE might be referencing the 90s lazer tag game, or MegaZone23 - the Japanese animated TV-series or its 2000s video game version, to which the Matrix bears strong similarities. Maybe it’s a very Deathcrush way of (lazer-)pointing to Descartes’ Evil Demon, where the perceived world might be a comprehensive illusion created to deceive us. Maybe it is a rally cry. A status report? Maybe the songs are all questions we should be able to answer by now. 

Deathcrush - MEGAZONE - Ltd LP

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