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Norwegian Grammy Award winner Frank Hammersland is a well known figure on the Norwegian pop-rock scene, known from popular bands such as Pogo Pops, Popium and Evig Din For Alltid.  Pogo Pops had a huge following and did in many ways start the famous «Bergensbølgen» musical movement in the early 90s, which became well noticed abroad.

The music on Frank’s third soloalbum has taken shape through twelve years and in October 2019 it is finally time to take a listen to Atlantis – the first of his solo projects to be launched world wide.Released 25.10.2019.



01. On the Radio

02. Something for Nothing

03. Westbound Sundown

04. No Straight Line

05. Atlantis

06. Monday

07. Down the Milky Way

08. Hours in the Ashtray

09. And the Beat goes on

Frank Hammersland - Atlantis - CD

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