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The absolutely legendary Holy Toy are back! Andrej Nebb (De Press) and Lars Pedersen (When) have recorded a massive album - diverse and unpredictable, as always.


Available on CD, regular 2LP (black vinyl) and limited 2LP (silver/green vinyl, 250x)
Both vinyl versions come with a CD copy.



01. Polka Fly

02. Sunday Free

03. Superficial

04. Catapillar

05. Mental Castration

06. Choir In Silence

07. Alabala Dirid

08. Scarolezsmie Boze

09. Laboratorium

10. Trapped

11. Tibirib

12. Iron Damp

13. Ada Ajeja

14. Love Kulturklisje

15. Breathe

16. Peace

17. Thank You

18. Leb Leb

19. Wake Up

20. Njeben

21. Sleeping Shepard

Holy Toy - Close All Doors

PriceFrom kr150.00
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