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Available on CD, regular LP (Black vinyl) and limited LP (Green vinyl, 250x). Released 04.03.2022.



01. Wingless

02. Lifeboat

03. The Call (feat. Nad Sylvan)

04. Free

05. All Alone

06. Words

07. Running Faster (feat. Andy Glass)

08. Familiar Eyes (feat. Samantha Preis)

09. Mother

10. Words pt.2


‘Zero, acts 3&4’ completes the saga of Zero. This time around we meet Zero when he’s on his own as a young adult, and get to know what happens to him. The Zero project is inspired by The Who’s ‘Tommy’, Supertramp’s ‘Crime of the Century’ and Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’. ‘Zero’ shares some of the themes in the aforementioned masterpieces, but has a more recognizeable form. Zero is a boy many of us can relate to. Too many of us know how it feels to be alone as a young child in a cold and difficult world.


‘Zero, acts 3&4’ is musically a more varied album than it’s predecessor, and Laughing Stock has yet again had the pleasure to work with Samatha Preis, reprising her role as Zero’s mother. In addition Nad Sylvan joins the party as Zero’s psychiatrist, and Andy Glass of Solstice joins for a guitar solo duel with Jan Mikael Sørensen. As usual the band consists of Jan Mikael Sørensen, Håvard Enge and Jan Erik Kirkevold Nilsen. The album is produced and mixed by Jan M Sørensen, and mastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo.

Laughing Stock - Zero (acts 3 & 4)

PriceFrom kr150.00
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