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Available on CD, regular LP (black) and limited LP (pink vinyl, 250x)


The Lust-O-Rama were treading murky grungy waters during their existence. Formed optimistically in September 1989 and going out with a rather underwhelming and a quite embarrassing reputation in July 1992 after a string of singles, EP’s and compilation tracks on various labels around the world… and this album. Twenty-Six Screams, originally released by Skyclad Records in the US in 1991, is the pinnacle of Norwegian (did I hear European?) neo-sixties garage rock in the early 90s. A bauta in every sense of the genre. The Lust-O-Rama had close to it all… great songs, the sound, good looks, humble attitude, but nothing more. No management, no record company, no nothing. Just a bunch of guys playing the kind of music they loved. A few years later they would have been at the forefront of the new garage rock scene with the likes of The Hives. But history is a bastard, you hit it or you don’t. They didn’t, but thirty years on you can decide why they didn’t with this re-mastered edition of Twenty-Six Screams.



(Can't Do) Another Mistake


I Want You

Been So Long

Night Of The Sadist

Game of Love

Won’t Be Running

That’s Okay

I’m Down

Trip Me Up

In And Out

Run From Her

I Need To Know

(She Left Me) Crying

Again And Again

Gotta Be Loved


The Lust-O-Rama - Twenty-Six Screams

PriceFrom kr150.00
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